Privacy Policy

Good to have you here on pixoona. Together with you we would like to turn pictures into an interactive platform for you and your friends.

From the very beginning it was our intension at pixoona to build a service which makes image-tagging as easy as ever while at the same time collecting as little personal data from our users as possible. Frankly, that was a huge challenge because some of our features like „setting a PIX“ can only be provided by registering certain data.

During registration, we try to gather the least possible amount of information (s.a. paragraph „registration“). Afterwards you can voluntarily complete your user profile by clicking “profil”. However, the more information you share (real name, profile picture etc.) the higher the credibility you will be able to build towards other Pixoonas and the larger the chance they will follow you and share contents with you.

Regarding all data we collect: we comply with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection regulations of the European Union.

Generally, we adhere to the following basic principles:

  • we do not sell personal data
  • we adhere to the principle of minimization of data
  • we never pass on your personal data to third parties (e.g. for promotional or advertising purposes) without your permission
  • we will not raise, process or use personal data without it being permitted by a certain law or your granting permission
  • you will not receive spam mails via pixoona
  • we save your personal data on servers in Germany and in the EU

There are two exceptions:
We need to unrestrictedly focus on the technical development of pixoona. That‘s why for our newsletter mailings and the support system we use the established Zendesk ( software which automatically saves your email address in the USA.

For statistical purposes we currently work with gosquared. To view the respective data protection directives please go here (Zendesk) and here (gosquared).

Standard data for using pixoona


You have to provide the following data to be able to use pixoona:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • password

Please make sure to choose a safe password. Other pixoona users will never see your email address or your password.

We use your email address to send you notifications, for example when someone comments on one of your PIX or your friends set PIX. If you want to change the notification settings please go to your profile and click on notifications. We need your first and your last name to make pixoona more personal. Please use your real data to create trustworthiness amongst pixoona users.

The date of your registration is also saved, as well as the time you set which PIX. This information will be displayed as „X hours/days ago“ in the pixbox.

User profile

After registration you can complete your profile with the following data:

  • your picture
  • a brief description of yourself
  • interests
  • bank account details
  • address
  • company data

To create a more personal account you can upload a picture and add it to your profile. The picture can be seen by other pixoona users and creates trustworthiness and adds personality.

The brief description can help others form an opinion about you. That way it‘s more attractive to follow you and also it gives you the chance to represent yourself the way you like.

Use „tags“ to describe your interests by using keywords. This gives us the opportunity to display exciting PIX from your specific fields of interest.

You only have to enter your account data at the time you want your bonus to be payed out. If you decide to donate the money, the previous step no longer applies. pixoona will under no circumstances ask you for your bank details, even less to transmit them via email.

Setting PIX

If you set a PIX the following data we will be saved:

  • your comment
  • the time
  • the URL of the website and the image
  • optional: the attached content
  • your sharing with social networks

Your comments are used to be displayed to your friends and followers and to network similar PIX or pixoona content in specific thematic areas.

The display of time lets your friends know how up-to-date your message in the respective PIX actually is. The website‘s and picture‘s URL helps to lead your friends directly to the original source of the pixed image. This way you can always take them with you on your journey through the Internet and we learn what relevant stuff there is to see.

If you attach further content like a Youtube Video oder music to the PIX, it will be displayed to your friends as your recommendation. In case a product is not available in one of your trusted shops, we reserve the right to display the same product/content to your friends. We are working hard to make it possible to recommend the lowest internet offers to your friends.

If you share a PIX with friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, data will also be exchanged. For further details please also see „Facebook“.

If you are using the pixoona mobile app, your location will also be recorded. This way we bring our community together and can recommend exciting PIX near you. However, this use is optional. If you do not want the pixoona servers to record your location, please disable this function in the settings of your mobile device.


While you are using pixoona, we will record the following statistics and you will be awarded „badges“. In addition to your personal profile we would like to display other statistics and reports in the future:

  • your PIX activities
  • PIX count, comments and likes
  • PIX, total revenue and range of your pictures per period
  • how and where you set, like, and/or comment on PIX
  • which of your friends have already joined pixoona
  • the total count of your friends and friends of friends.

Under "settings" ( you will be able to determine who is permitted to see your statistics and achievements or set PIX on your images and so on at all times. We also work with external systems to provide this data. In this matter we will always adhere to the principle of minimization in using data. Only essential data will be entered. Except for the specified exceptions we always save data in accordance with German and European privacy policies.

Browser Extension

As soon as you have installed our browser extension, you are able to see, set and comment on PIX anywhere on the web. To enable you to do this, our technology checks each website you load for PIX. This request only includes the URL – no user data is send to our servers. No request is stored on our servers but deleted directly after the prompt to our database is complete. You can deactivate the browser extension to prohibit our technology from sending any URLs to our servers. For so-called "secure sites" (HTTPS), we are blocking the pixoona technology entirely.

In order to keep you up-to-date with what's happening in the community, we are sending notifications to your browser extension in real-time. This requires a constant connection between the extension and our pixoona. This connection is a one-way communication channel from pixoona to your browser. You can deactivate this connection by disabling notifications in your browser settings.

Upload of pictures and products

All images or products you upload to pixoona will remain yours. You retain the copyright of your content. By uploading a content you grant us a license to use and display that content. You will find further information on this subject and information regarding intellectual property as well as rights and obligations of any pixoona user in our "General terms and conditions".

pixoona does not allow applications of third parties respectively promotional networks, to use your name or your pictures for advertisements. If at any time in the future we should allow these things, you will remain in full control of your information through your personal profile settings.

Once you decide to delete your pixoona account we guarantee the complete erasure of your profile according to German and European privacy policies.

Newsletter and frequent status emails

If a registered user wants to receive to newsletter (the checkbox next to or under the registration form) he thereby accepts the following conditions: The user shall receive a pixoona newsletter via email on a regular basis (generally once a week, though the time between may differ depending on current demands, but never more than twice a week). The afore mentioned newsletter shall contain information concerning product- and customer service issues at pixoona or Events revolving around images on the web, the emphasis differing and according to the communicational demands. The newsletter also may include general information and events concerning images on the web. The user can unsubscribe from this newsletter simply by clicking the link in any email he receives, without having to be logged in to pixoona.

Forum and support software Zendesk

To offer you the best possible support, we use a program called “Zendesk”. Zendesk saves your email address and your request on servers in the USA. This happens whenever you write a message in the forum or give us feedback (e.g. in the pixoona-apps).

Zendesk‘s privacy policy can be found here.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service of Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, which are text files saved on your computer in order to analyze your usage of the website. If you enable the IP anonymization on this website, Google will shorten your IP address within member states of the European Union or other signatory states of the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only on exceptional basis, Google will send the full IP address to a server in the USA and abbreviate it there. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, compiling reports on website activities for website operators. It also provides other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google Analytics will not associate your IP address with other data held by Google. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

Additionally, you can opt-out the recording of data which is gathered by the cookie, evaluating data of your usage of the website (incl. your IP address) as well as data-processing by Google if you download the following browser plugin: Download Browser-Plugin.

By using this website, you agree to the processing of your data by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above. The collection and storing of data can be objected anytime and with effect for the future. In the light of the discussions regarding the use of analytical tools with complete IP addresses, we would like to point out that this website uses Google Analytics with the extension "_anonymizeIp()" so that IP addresses are only processed further in abbreviated form to prevent them from being directly linked to a particular individual.

By using our mobile app for Android and iOS you agree to have your personal data collected according to our terms and legal rights of use of our service provider. You can read here which kind of data will be collected and for how long it will be saved: Trademob.

Facebook & Co.

Our website is currently using social plugins (“plugins”) provided by the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Several other networks and companies are going to be connected in the future. These settings will always be kept optional and are not a prerequisite for a basic usage of pixoona. You are free to add or cut such connections at all times.

However, if you call up a pixoona page which includes such plugins, your browser will automatically connect with the servers of those networks. Unfortunately, we do not have any influence on the amount of data which is being collected through these plugins.

Through integration of the plugin, these companies gain information that you have called up the relevant page on our internet site. If you are not a user of one of these companies, there is still the possibility for those to find out and store your IP address.

To see Facebook and Twitter‘s privacy policies, look here (Facebook) and here (Twitter).

The social plugins can be blocked with the help of a browser add on (e.g. the „Facebook Blocker“ for Safari, Firefox and Chrome).
In addition, pixoona provides the option to cut/disable the above mentioned scripts and not to be shown in lists any longer. Please go to account ( in your settings.

Access to your data

According to the Federal Protection Law you have the right to obtain information about your stored data free of cost at any time. Should you have any questions about the survey, process or usage of your data or if you want us to correct, lock or delete your data, please contact our support team .

Change of privacy policy

If this privacy policy needs to be changed, we will inform you about the new contents in time.


If you have questions, concerns or critical remarks on data protection issues, please write an email to